Vee Berth – by Tony Tiger – Sailing is fun and sexy.

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Vee Berth – by Tony Tiger – Sailing is fun and sexy.

Vacation Adventure – by Anon – A couple have fun-filled swinger holiday, making brand new buddies as you go along. (MF-cpls, swingers)

Vacation Trip With companion’s Family – by Johndough – along with her mother working nights and weekends and her dad posted offshore, Hazel spends considerable time along with her closest friend along with her family members. If they declare they are happening a two vacation Hazel permission from her mom to go with them week. Minimal does she realize that Paradise Valley Family Camp isn’t just a nudist camp. (MMFfm, ped, inc, 1st, exh, dental, anal, swinger, preg) component 2

Vee Berth – by Tony Tiger – Sailing is enjoyable and sexy. This watercraft an crew prove the point again and again. (FFM, ws, swingers)

Las Vegas aided by the Wife and Friends – by lonelyhusbandtom – The spouse and I headed to Las vegas, nevada for a marriage of a pal’s child. We are inside our mid-40’s and were hoping to find a good time making the children behind for a long week-end. (MMMF, wife-swap, dental, gb, anal, exh, rom, swingers)

Vicki Sells Her Body For Charity – by Lingus – a tale about an extremely strange neighbor hood relationship where in fact the folks meet up and auction their husbands off and spouses as intercourse slaves towards the greatest bidder, and all sorts of for charitable reasons. The storyline revolves around Vicki and Bill Holman who’re a brand new couple to a nearby. This woman is auctioned down for the very first time, and there’s considerable desire for the “new” girl when you look at the team. Needless to state Vicki brings a fairly price that is good. (MF, spouse, exh, gb, orgy, swing)

Browse, The – by Cumslut – a call to a hooker, where I describe my experiences that are bisexual. (Mm+/Ff+, ped, bi, orgy, bd, inc, ws, swing)

Visual – by Lord Malinov – A hip young couple attends a party and discover that everybody else there clearly was watching pornography films on a TV set. Just as it happens that the movies are now being shot real time from the next space. They are invited to relax and play. (MF, voy, exh, move)

Voltaire, The – by BlueHat – A swinging billionaire called Louis van Haugh has seen all of it, nevertheless when he discovers The Voltaire, a unique brothel shrouded in mystery, he gets a lot more than he ever will have anticipated. (Mf, dental, preg, prost)

Warehouse 8 – by Anon – A couple attends a party that is rather unusual. (MF-cpls, bi, exh, voy, move)

War is not constantly Hell – by An USAF Airman – throughout the ’60’s those of us when you look at the military needed to endure some crazy times. But certainly one of most readily useful reasons for the atmosphere Force had been the wives whom could not travel on SAC B52 Bombers or KC135 Refueling Tankers, while their officer husbands reached check out exotic Southeast Asia, even when just through the atmosphere. (MMF, exh, reluc, mast, swing military that is,

Viewing Cheryl – by KarenKay – Cheryl shared her fantasy that is secret about intercourse with another guy. The few quickly accept explore their fantasy together and request a gathering by having a black colored guy Cheryl picked on an internet dating internet site. (MF, voy, intr, rom, swinger) component 2

Sunday during the Beach – by Robin’s Lover – My very first love and I also had been drifting aside once I came across Robin. A week-end on cape cod wound up extremely differently than we’d anticipated whenever beth brought mark along. (MF-cpls, voy, rom, move)

Sunday in Colorado – by Jennifer S. – A married couple decide to incorporate a little bit of moving with their relationship as soon as the spouse’s expressed fantasies takes them into some enjoyable wife-sharing experiences within a specially prepared visit to the hills in Colorado. (M+/F, wife-sharing, exh, dental, swingers, rom)

Wendy is Forced to Shed Her Inhibitions – by KJJ – Previously intimately inhibited wife is afflicted by non-consensual intimate nightmares by her spouse and his mistress, but eventually she comes to take pleasure from all their intimate dreams and turns into a wife that is hot her very own account. (MFF/MF-teens, wife, nc, rp, bi, mc, bd, swingers)

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